Strategy Execution and Evaluation (SEE) is a strategy implementation process that helps NOAA learn from its programs’ results and achieve its objectives, while simultaneously responding to ever-changing economic, governmental, social and environmental forces. The process emphasizes results-based budgeting and evaluation. By using fiscal guidance and consistent performance measures across each step of the process, SEE enables improved communication between the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Office of Program Planning and Integration (PPI), Line Offices (LOs), and Staff Offices (SOs). This collaboration will yield a long-term perspective and aligned work throughout the Department. It will reduce superfluous paperwork at the bureau and Department level as SEE products support the Department of Commerce (DOC) Budget Formulation Improvement Process (BFIP).

In accordance with guidelines set by the President’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the steps within SEE place particular emphasis on evaluation and results-based management.

The table below provides a brief description of the seven steps within the SEE process and their corresponding deliverables.

Annual Guidance Memorandum (AGM) Focuses planning on administration’s strategic priorities (for out-year and next year’s budget); identifies fiscal constraints
Implementation Plan (IP) Outlines strategic performance expectations and resource requirements by strategic objective; offers risk-based assessment of choices
Corporate Portfolio Analysis (CPA) Analyzes IPs to identify key issues and corporate priorities for the next budget formulation phase; draws attention to long term concerns for Leadership; concludes with NEP/NEC Decision Memo
NOAA Budget Submission Justifies NOAA funding request to DoC, OMB, Congress; describes performance measurements and targets
Corporate Portfolio Review (CPR) Reassesses commitments made in IPs and priorities set in CPA; reconciles IPs and performance expectations with appropriation
Annual Operating Plan (AOP) States how LOs/SOs will execute and evaluate the first operational year of an IP
Progress to Plan (P2P) Assesses progress toward NGSP objectives; evaluates executed programs to determine what has been working and what might be changed for better performance


SEE Intranet (for employee use only)