(07.08.2012): Commerce Department appoints marine fisheries advisors to national committee

The Department of Commerce today announced the appointment of three new public advisors charged with counseling the Secretary of Commerce and NOAA on national saltwater fishery management and laws that protect marine mammals, sea turtles and other ocean life. [Link]

(07.08.2012): NOAA Fisheries Service to update guidelines to promote safety in fisheries regulations

NOAA’s Fisheries Service is asking for public input as it starts the process of updating the national guidelines that promote the safety of commercial and recreational fishermen in federal waters. [Link]

(01.08.2012): Earth's oceans and ecosystems still absorbing about half the greenhouse gases emitted by people

Earth's oceans, forests and other ecosystems continue to soak up about half the carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere by human activities, even as those emissions have increased, according to a study by University of Colorado and NOAA scientists published today in the journal Nature. [Link]

(31.07.2012): Federal mapping tool that aided first responders in Gulf spill expanded to Arctic

A new federal interactive online mapping tool used by emergency responders during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill has been expanded to include the Arctic, and will help address numerous challenges in the Arctic posed by increasing ship traffic and proposed energy development. [Link]

(31.07.2012): Research on South Asian monsoon honored by World Meteorological Organization

A 2011 NOAA research paper that tied weaker South Asian summer monsoons to human activities has won the World Meteorological Organization’s Norbert Gerbier-MUMM International Award for 2013. [Link]

(30.07.2012): NOAA Ship Fairweather conducting hydrographic reconnaissance in the Arctic

NOAA Ship Fairweather begins a 30-day survey mission in the Arctic this week, scheduled to check a sparsely measured 1,500-nautical mile coastal corridor from Dutch Harbor, Alaska, north through the Bering Strait and east to the Canadian border. [Link]

(27.07.2012): Midwest drought brings fourth smallest Gulf of Mexico 'Dead Zone' since 1985

NOAA-supported scientists have found the size of this year’s Gulf of Mexico oxygen-free 'dead zone' to be the fourth smallest since mapping of the annual hypoxic, or oxygen-free area began in 1985. [Link]

(23.07.2012): Research expedition will map fish spawning habitats west of Key West

Scientists from Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and partner agencies will depart Key West Thursday aboard the NOAA Ship Nancy Foster to map fish spawning sites between Key West and the Dry Tortugas. [Link]

(23.07.2012): Sanctuary exploration center opens in Santa Cruz

Officials from NOAA’s Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and the city of Santa Cruz today celebrated the opening of the Sanctuary Exploration Center, a state-of-the-art facility full of interpretive and hands-on exhibits highlighting the sanctuary’s extraordinary natural and cultural resources. [Link]

(23.07.2012): scientists earn presidential honor for early career achievements

The White House today named two NOAA scientists and a NOAA-funded scientist as recipients of the 2011 Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers PECASE . [Link]

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